Thursday, February 5, 2015

Friday Favorites 2.6.15

(Constant winter thoughts) 

Happy February!  The month started off great with the Patriots winning the Super Bowl!! Yippeeeee!!! I was working during the game, but I made it home right in time to see the win! :) 

Blackbird doughnuts is the best thing to happen to the city in a while.  I mean DOUGHNUTS.  It's SO good.  I've been twice already, trying out different flavors.  Last week I tried lemon coconut, yum.  This time I got a chocolate old fashion & pomegranate dark chocolate.  The girls were so sweet, they threw in an extra chocolate!  Absolute heaven.  Check them out, now open Wednesday - Sunday 7am - 3pm
Snowmygod it's back again.  2 weeks ago I was wishing for snow and now, well I'm pretty smitten about it.  Yes traveling is a nightmare and it takes twice as long to get anywhere, but there's something so charming and beautiful about it I can't help myself.  After 2 more storms, happening this week... I may feel differently!
Good ol' Punxsutawney Phil... Has he ever predicted spring is sooner?  While I'm not thrilled about this and can't wait for spring, this picture always cracks me up.
Valentines decorations are up!  Check out my tutorial to make your own felt hearts!  What are your plans for the holiday of love?
My mother gave me this book for Christmas and I just started reading, what an incredible story.  If you're looking for something to read I definitely recommend this.

As it's beyond freezing in Boston, the air is so dry and I can't leave the house without these.  My hands are constantly dry from the cold air, washing my hands & always wearing gloves, my roommate gave me the hand cream as a Christmas present and it's great, my hands are soft again.

Have a great weekend & drink lots of hot cocoa!

Xo Sara

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