Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites 1.30.15 - Juno

Did Juno Boston got a lot of snow this week?!

This week has been a big blur.  A big white snowy blur.  Snowmageddon Juno hit hard Monday & Tuesday shutting down the city and bringing a magical charm to the streets.  That is unless you had to shovel out your snow mound of a car or do a lot of shoveling of the sidewalk.   I stocked up on plenty of food Monday & spent all of Tuesday inside with my roommates cooking, watching movies and sipping champagne - it was great!  We lost wifi, so my Netflix binge was out of the question, but we made do with TV - lots of cheesy lifetime movies.  We were going to explore but kept hearing the wind whipping at the windows and decided to stay cozy inside.  Wednesday I ventured out & took a walk to check out the serene scene - it was beautiful!

By yesterday I had developed a cold... probably too much frolicking in the snow!  Lots of soup & tea are in my future.  And maybe a doughnut :) 

Stay warm & have a great weekend!

xo Sara

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