Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love & Hedgehugs

I love making cards.  Holidays, birthdays, hellos, making cards makes me so happy.  I get almost all my card supplies from Papersource.  Seriously can I just move in there?  I feel endlessly inspired whenever I pop in, it's like my creative juices surge & I have to run home and craft.  I tend to use a lot of cut paper and layering and the messiest of glitters.  I'm still vacuuming glitter off my rug from Christmas cards!  Last week I was going through my art bins and stumbled upon my watercolor set & suddenly wanted to paint all the things.  The cards I use (size A2, luxe white) are essentially watercolor paper, slightly textured and thick enough to absorb the water.  I found a paintbrush and started playing around with colors and lettering.

I love cheesy Valentine's cards full of puns.  It's a silly holiday & everyone likes to hear "I love ewe" right?!  I had a lot of fun with these -- I started with an animal theme and then ventured to food.  (Aka my two favorite things). So spread the love and laughs this Valentine's Day and send a sweet note.

I love you moooooooore
           Valentine's cards with Christmas stamps, for seasonally confused cards!


    You're bacon me crazy
           You have a pizza my heart
                          You make my heart flutter (butterfly)
          I'm batshit crazy about you
You are the apple of my eye
                          You're bacon me crazy
            You have a pizza my heart
                                     You're berry wonderful
             You are tu-tu cute
                       I love you, I'm not lion
            You quack me up, Valentine 
You make my heart beet
                             You're the bees knees
         Mint for each other 
                                 Orange you amazing
     Whale you be my Valentine?

Sending love & hedgehugs,

xo Sara

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