Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Snaps

^a snappy sushi feast :) spicy salmon & tuna gone wild roll

Happy Weekend!

Recently it was my Dad's birthday (Feb 19th) so I headed home to celebrate! 
^a punny bday card
^sweet treats from the South End Buttery-  red velvet cupcake, chocolate/vanilla cupcake, s'mores bite, brownie bite with peanut butter frosting & a chocolate salted caramel tart.  Mom whipped up a delicious lime chili spiced scallop & rice dinner & these sweets followed shortly after. Yum!
^not a recent picture (Father's Day actually), but with all the food we got distracted & didn't take a picture.  Plus Jeff's in it & my Mom's taking the picture.
^ Queen B taking up 80% of my bed.  She's too cute to tell her to get off!
^reunited with my main squeeze!  Being greeted by Bailey makes me so happy, she runs around the house trying to find a toy, sock, hat etc & bring it over.  Even as she's 10 years old, she's such a puppy at heart.  She lounges around the house and just looks adorable all day, ah the life of a dog.
^ Mom's homemade blueberry banana walnut bread.  Gimme gimme.  Ah this bread is so good.  A few ripe bananas and an hour later this magic loaf appeared on the counter... And was demolished in a day. #noshame
^Academy Awards!  Aka the day I sat on my couch for 5 hours and at a lot of snacks.  My favorite part of any award show is the red carpet.  Jennifer Anniston  in Versace, Emma Stone in Elie Saab & Lupita Nyong'o in Calvin Klein are my top picks.  Rosamund Pike in Givenchy was my runner up!  Over the weekend I saw Still Alice with my Mom.  A very well done, sad movie & Julianne Moore definitely deserved that Oscar.  I really want to see the other movies that were nominated as well - especially The Theory of Everything. 
^and I got a haircut!  Woohoo, time to freshen up (it's always under a hat these days) I've been going to Mia at Rock Paper Scissors for years - she's awesome!

And finally, are you team black & blue or team white & gold?
^the fugly poly dress that has divided the nation­čśé

xo Sara

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